Natural Remedy for Heartburn – Cure and Treatments

Natural Remedy for HeartburnExcessive acid & gas formation in stomach generally leads to regurgitation of acid in esophagus & causes heartburn and here some natural remedy for heartburn. In this particular case we actually feel the severe burn in chest & stomach and we require then immediate remedy. For the permanent relief it’s important to decide exactly the causes, which lead to the heartburn.

Main factors that lead to heartburn are spicy and fried food, excess intake of the team coffee, or alcohol, bad habits of eating, and many more. In case, food isn’t chewed well it can provoke the heartburn as well. When the cause of heartburn is determined you may use best natural remedy for heartburn and indigestion to treat your digestive problem. One of the effective remedy for the acidity is the apple cider vinegar. You need to mix 2 teaspoons of the vinegar in one glass of the water & drink it. Relief will happen instantly.

Mix a few lemon juice with little salt and water and drink. Acidity level will reduce instantly giving you the great relief. Make use of lemon on the regular basis as it has a great property to enhance your digestion process & to nullify effects of harmful acid.

Ginger is one more excellent remedy. You may prepare the ginger tea & drink it daily. Ginger is added in the common tea & served frequently. You can use ginger as the spice in salads and in food or you may just chew it. It does not matter which of the best natural remedy for heartburn you prefer – all will help you you’re your heartburn in control.

The basil leaves & clove are very beneficial to cure heartburn. You need to chew some basil leaves and piece of clove or fight heartburn efficiently. It is the good natural cure for the heartburn. You can get rid of the heartburn in case, you have butter milk after every meal. It is said that butter milk is the natural treatment for the heartburn and in case, it is consumed frequently it will give you the permanent cure.

The herbal tea and green tea, which has catnip, licorice, and ginger is used instead of the traditional tea by persons who have the heartburn problems. Reducing sugar & fats intake as well as increasing intake of vegetables and fruits is very good help in the heartburn problem. So, these are some natural remedy for heartburn.

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