Acid Reflux Remedies – Homeopathic and Medicinal

Acid Reflux RemediesGastroesophageal reflux is the physiological disease, which is commonly known as acid reflux, here we will see some acid reflux remedies. It is named so because primary symptom involves regurgitation of the gastric acids & secretions up in the lower esophagus & throat causing discomfort and pain.

Causes of the natural acid reflux remedies are different. The unhealthy diet & stress are major factors in the development. The physical causes are contributors & include the weakness & uncontrolled contractions of esophageal sphincter & abnormal positioning of sphincter because of low pressure in the bottom of esophagus.

Medically the common infant acid reflux remedies for the condition include histamine antagonists, antacids, pro-motility drugs, proton pump inhibitors, and foam barriers.

The antacids are commonly used treatment for the acid reflux remedies baking soda will definitely help you out. They work fast to neutralize affects of the excess stomach acids & will give you the fast relief. Problem is that they do not last long and might need multiple doses in a day. They work well when taken before the meal and help to control the acid levels during your digestive process.

One more popular medication is histamine antagonist. They actually do the good job in controlling the acid reflux and are the natural acid reflux home remedies and last longer than the antacids. In majority of the cases 1 to 2 doses everyday can control gastric acids liable for these symptoms. They actually don’t work as fast as antacids and will take 45minutes to one hour to begin working. They are accessible in any medical shop and include following brands: Zantac, Tagamet, and Pepcid.

Third kind of OTC drugs is proton pump inhibitors. And these work very well and need just one tablet every day, which lasts for around 24hours. These have to be taken every day and require 2 to 3 days before starting to take an effect. When the regimen is established many people will find themselves to be acid reflux free. Most commonly brands include Prevacid, Prilosec, and Nexium.

Least popular types of the acid reflux medications are pro -motility drugs & foam barriers. The pro-motility drugs build up the pressure in the bottom of your esophagus & help to normalize activity of an esophageal sphincter. Types of the drugs or acid reflux remedies can be taken in an experimental stage or in medicine form.

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